Specialist Program

Certified Asia Specialist (CAS1)

Royal Scenic would like to welcome you to our Certified Asia Specialist program. Our training program will cover many distinct areas in Asia, and will go into great detail in showcasing what select destinations have to offer. At Royal Scenic, we believe that the best way to increase tourism to Asia is through trained travel professionals. Our Certified Asia Specialist program is a unique way of providing insight and knowledge into travel and tourism to Asia, while giving travel professionals the leading edge in selling exotic vacations. With the travel trend constantly changing, and consumers looking for a vacation other than the typical sun destination, we feel that Asia has many adventures to offer the traveller.

To fully graduate and become an official Certified Asia Specialist you must successfully pass the required quizzes and also sell a Royal Scenic package to Asia within your first year of taking the course. Upon selling your first Royal Scenic package you will obtain certification status and benefit from the following:

- immediately receive higher commission with Royal Scenic
- consumer referrals through our supporting tourist boards
- the opportunity to attend familiarization trips to Asia at a special price with Royal Scenic
- the recognition of becoming a Certified Asia Specialist

To maintain the specialist status, you must sell at least one Royal Scenic package per annum. At this time Royal Scenic would like to welcome you and wish you success as you embark on your learning experience.

Please note below rules.
- should login to the portal and continue their course within the next 1 week and if they fail to do so, we will delete their account and they have to start all over
- have to complete the course within 45 days or will have to start over again
- this course is available for Canadian travel agents only
  • Destinations - China
  • Destination: China - Course Part 1
  • Destination: China - Course Part 2
  • Destination: China - Test
  • Destinations - Philippines
  • Destination: Philippines - Course Part 1
  • Destination: Philippines - Course Part 2
  • Destination: Philippines - Test
  • Destinations - Japan
  • Destination: Japan - Course Part 1
  • Destination: Japan - Course Part 2
  • Destination: Japan - Test
  • Destinations - Taiwan
  • Destination: Taiwan - Course Part 1
  • Destination: Taiwan - Course Part 2
  • Destination: Taiwan - Test
  • Destinations - Thailand
  • Destination: Thailand - Course Part 1
  • Destination: Thailand - Course Part 2
  • Destination: Thailand - Test
  • Featured Airlines
  • Airline: Air Canada
  • Airline: Delta Air Lines
  • Airline: Japan Airlines
  • Others
  • Royal Scenic
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Destination: China - Course Part 1, Destination: China - Course Part 2, Destination: China - Test, Destination: Philippines - Course Part 1, Destination: Philippines - Course Part 2, Destination: Philippines - Test, Destination: Japan - Course Part 1, Destination: Japan - Course Part 2, Destination: Japan - Test, Destination: Taiwan - Course Part 1, Destination: Taiwan - Course Part 2, Destination: Taiwan - Test, Destination: Thailand - Course Part 1, Destination: Thailand - Course Part 2, Destination: Thailand - Test, Airline: Air Canada, Royal Scenic"